The future development trend of mobile power supply

With the development of intelligent mobile phone, convenient Internet, driven by a new mobile power industry, consumer demand for mobile power is strong, the past 2012 mobile power market is the explosive growth in the face of market demand, many electronics manufacturers have started producing mobile power market competition is more intense, the original.2013 mobile power the market demand continues to grow. According to the professional forecasts, mobile power supply in the next few years, sales exceeded 50 million units, the total output of more than 8 billion yuan, enough to prove that the trend of the development of mobile power industry.

1., the current national security, innovation requirements more and more advocates, so now the focus of mobile power equipment research and development direction is to promote multi-functional, safe and reliable

2., the future of mobile power market, will be a highly concentrated brand market. Like Yoobao, electric small, PISEN, voyo and other mainstream brands or occupy the vast majority of share

3. with the gradual miniaturization of power, thin, lightweight, high frequency direction of development, the future is expected to have light, thin, small power output growth will be higher than the growth of the entire power industry output value

4. with the blue and white design mobile power portable, easy to carry, can be in the mobile state in AnyWhere (Anywhere), AnyTime (any time) is not limited to equipment power supply or charge, the real sense of life and work, improve the quality.